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Atlantis by dog42a
Down here at KSC, it really is hard to describe the feeling of acctually being in the presence of a real spaceship. If you get the chance to visit any of the shuttles, do so.
Lieutenant Lal'nl Concept 1 by dog42a
Lieutenant Lal'nl Concept 1
Here is another character for my Rick Rocket in the 21st Century universe. 
    This is the Dark Galaxian Forces Lieutenant Lal'nl.  She is a competent and accomplished officer in Dark Emperor Ral's forces who is skilled in fencing, but she has her reservations about their methods.  To her surprise the emperor himself gifts her Doctor Maxwell Star (Sammy Star's older brother) as a personal slave, an unusual honor for a green-glaxian, further stoking General Doo'm's loathing for her.

    Both she and Max cannot stand the idea of slavery and so they make a deal to maintain appearances in front of others to protect them both from punishment.  They reluctantly become friends and soon become more.  But Max's new ideas and perspectives cause Lal'nl to question her duty to Emperor Ral versus her duty to her oppressed and often enslaved people.  But one day she catches Max in the act of espionage and is forced to chose her path.

Lieutenant Lal'nl: from Rick Rocket in the 21st Century

Last week, Rick Rocket and his indomitable crew thwarted the evil Dark General Doo'm's trap and freed the slaves of Dark Galaxia IV! But the Dark Emperor's forces still escaped with the cache of Dark Space Crystals thanks to the efforts of Dark Galaxian Lieutenant Lal'nl.

As reward for her efforts the Dark Emperor Ral gifts her the human Doctor Maxwell Star to serve as her personal slave.

But Lieutenant Lal'nl secretly abhors the practice of slavery and makes a secret agreement with Doctor Star to maintain appearances so that neither are punished. But Dr. Star's friendship begins to open Lieutenant Lal'nl's eyes to the Dark Empire's oppression and the possibility of a better world... a world where she and Max could be together without fear.

Now having found Dr. Max Star subverting the Dark Empire's plans by leaking sensitive information to the Star-Patrol, Lal'nl must now decide which destiny to follow. Will she join Dr. Star and free her people? Or turn him in to suffer the tortures of the Dark Emperor Ral?

Find out this week on RICK ROCKET in the 21ST CENTURY!

P.S.:  ....well, obviously she chooses to help Max and they soon form a secret network feeding intelligence to the Star-Patrol and various rebels, all the while maintaining Lal'nl's persona of a successful Dark Empire Lieutenantand hiding the fact that she and Dr. Star are now lovers.  They both eventually escape and are rescued by Sammy Star in a comically anti-climactic fashion.



United States
I've spent most of today digging through old drawings for early concept art for Rick Rocket's XK-1 rocketship to scan (I'd like to make a new version), not much luck.

But I have scanned a lot of other drawings that I will post later.  I even found some from middle school in the 90's!

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